Communication alternatives during the Carmen outage

It appears that Carmen is out of service and will be inaccessible for an undetermined amount of time.  To read more, visit the OCIO’s System Status page. You can get updates there and sign up to receive a notice when the Carmen outage is resolved (click the blue “Notify me of Resolution” button).

In the meantime, if you are looking for a way to communicate with your class, I will recommend a couple of options.

Email your class through BuckeyeLink

1.  Go to BuckeyeLink (
2.  Choose the Faculty/Staff tab
3.  Click on Faculty Center
4.  Log in with your university (name-dot-number) username and password; this should bring you to your list of courses you are teaching
5.  Click on the Class Roster icon (on the far left of your course title; it looks like three colorful people; (see screenshot)
6.  Click “notify all students” (see screenshot)
7.  Type your subject and message, and click “Send Notification” (see screenshot)

Make files available to your students

  • Consider using BuckeyeBox ( to upload files and make them available to your students, especially large files.
  • See Nathanael’s instructions for activating BuckeyeBox, if you have never logged in to BuckeyeBox before.
  • Login to BuckeyeBox and find more information about how to use it here (
  • Quick Tips:
    • You must share your  BuckeyeBox folder for your students to be able to see the content.  See a screenshot to learn how.
    • You’ll need to send an email to your students to let them know the folder with their files is available.  See the instructions above to send an email to your class.
    • The CON IT staff will be happy to help you with questions or concerns you have regarding BuckeyeBox.

Communicate with your students using U.OSU

  • Consider using U.OSU ( as a central site to communicate with your students via blog posts or pages.
  • If you’ve never used U.OSU before, start by signing up (click the red “Sign Up” button).
  • A complete Getting Started guide along with lots of other helpful information can be found on the ODEE Resource Center (
  • As always, the CON IT staff will be happy to assist you with your specific questions about using the U.OSU blog.