Carmen – Copy course material

  1. Go into Carmen and enter the destination course.
  2. Click on “Edit Course”.
  3. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components.
  4. Under Copy Components from another Org Unit, click Search for offering.
  5. Type in the course number (or leave blank to see all courses) and click on the magnifying glass.
  6. Check the button next to the course and click on Add Selected.
  7. Click on Copy All Components (to copy everything) or choose Select Components to pick and choose what to copy.  Generally, copying all components is a good choice for moving from one semester to the next.
  8. Wait while the course components copy.
  9. You will see a green checkmark when the copying is finished. (If you don’t, see the NOTE below.)
  10. Click on View Content or any other link in the navbar to see what’s been copied over.

NOTE: If the course copy process produced an error, stop and send an email to with the following information:

  1. The course name and number in parentheses as it appears in Carmen that you are copying into (the new course).
  2. The course name and number in parentheses as it appears in Carmen that are copying from (the old course).
  3.  A screenshot of the error or the text of the error message you received.

Errors in course copying are sometimes caused by blank content modules or submodules in the old course from which you are copying, or they can be caused by content files that are “broken.”  Look for red exclamation marks in your Carmen Content items in the old course.  Removing those items may resolve the error encountered during the course copy process.

Red exclamation in Carmen Content