Champion Intergenerational Center

“It wasn’t just my grandmother, but it was also all the other older adults on the floor who would get excited… and I realized that there must be something to this, that this can’t be a phenomenon that is happening in one place”

-Elizabeth Speidel, Champion Intergenerational Center

The Champion Intergenerational center, located on Columbus’s East Side, is making use of these innovative strategies through a one-of-a-kind relationship between community partners, the center, and the Ohio State University. Through these partnerships, the center is able to provide high-quality services to their elderly and youth populations. These services include innovative research and informative programming, and a multitude of other opportunities for these two populations to engage and learn with one another.

What are the goals of the Champion Intergenerational Center?

  1. To have cost effective, high quality health and social services
  2. Improve the quality of life for older adults and children
  3. Create an innovative interprofessional care plan model that is replicable across care settings.
  4. To help seniors stay within their homes, or with family for as long as possible.


Empathy and understanding are the backbone of the community, and the Champion Intergenerational Center works to bolster both. To learn more about the center and its efforts,  visit their website here.