Returning Traditional Masters Student

For questions or concerns please contact  For specific questions regarding health documentation such as immunizations or titers, or documentation related to any of these items please email the Wilce Student Health Center at

You are able to submit all medical documentation to Wilce by emailing it to

Immunization Requirements

Submission Instructions: submitted to Wilce Student Health Center

  • Full list of requirements found here.
  • All immunizations, titers, and TB testing must be complete prior to the start of the program, regardless of when your clinical rotations begin.
  • All of these requirements are submitted to Wilce Student Health Services via MyBuckMD or by emailing .  If submitting via email, please include your full name,  date of birth, and OSU ID number for easier processing.
  • If you need to be re-vaccinated for Hepatitis B because the first series does not provide immunity, please contact Wilce Student Health Center regarding a timeline for becoming re-vaccinated.  As long as you are following this timeline and submitting the appropriate documentation, you will be considered temporarily compliant until the series is completed.
  • If submitting a TB skin test (PPD) for compliance, the following information is required: placement date, read date, induration (mm), and the overall result (positive or negative). Student Health Services needs all four parts of the TB skin test in order to enter your PPD for compliance. Submissions with less than complete information regarding the TB test will be rejected until the proper documentation is received. **Please note: if using OSUWMC or Employee Health to update your TB compliance status, you will need to submit the completed TB surveillance form in addition to the basic immunization history printout to achieve full compliance.

CPR Certification

Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs

  • The College of Nursing only accepts BLS for the Health Care Provider or BLS Provider from the American Heart Association.
  • Please have the front and back images of the student’s CPR card on one page in PDF format.  This certification expires every 2 years and must be updated with the College before the expiration date to remain compliant.
  • Upload your documentation here.

RN License

Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs

  • You must upload a summary of your license including your full name, license number, and expiration date.  This screenshot can be found on the Board of Nursing Website and must be a PDF file.
  • When your license is close to expiring, you must resubmit your renewed license so that there is record of your renewal.
  • Please upload here.


Submission Instructions: Automatically submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs upon completion

Due Date: Due August 1, available after July 1.

All College of Nursing students are required annually to complete HIPAA certification.

  1. Login to  .  If you have not previously affiliated with OSU and experiencing login issue, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes.
    Otherwise, please contact or call (614) 688-HELP (4357)
  2. Click “My Transcript” button and locate the HIPAA training and click “Launch”.  If you have not previously affiliated with OSU and HIPAA training is not listed, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes.
    Otherwise, please contact  For all other support, please contact or call (614) 688-HELP (4357)
    If you are unable to find the training, please contact For all other support, please email or call (614) 688-4357.
  3. No further action is required once you have completed the HIPAA training. Your compliance status will be updated within 24 hours after completing the training.



Online trainings are dependent upon a student’s clinical placement.

 HRSA Survey

Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs automatically upon completion.

Purpose:  Ohio State University receives federal or grant funding based on students current or previous status.  Please complete the following questions regarding your status and background.  The information provided will be used in aggregate form when required to report to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for funding opportunities.