Incoming BSN Students

As of today, May 15, the College of Nursing will resume the tracking of compliance requirements. Non-compliant and at-risk students will receive notifications weekly. In addition to the notifications, you can view your compliance status through the Student Portal.  Please contact our office by email if you have any compliance-related questions.

To complete the background check requirement:  visit an agency in your area offering fingerprinting services.  Please visit the Ohio Attorney General’s website to locate an agency nearest you. It’s advised to call ahead before traveling to any location to verify if they are still providing fingerprinting as service availability across the state has been changing daily. Please submit results to:

Background Checks – Nursing
OSU Office of Human Resources
1590 N. High St., Ste. 300
Columbus, Ohio 43201

To complete the vaccination requirements and drug screen: 

The Wilce Student Health Center remains open during the stay-at-home orders.  They offer vaccination services and drug screenings on the following days and times:

Health professional student vaccine/titer/TB testing:

Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm (appointment required)

*There is currently a 2-3 week wait time to be seen by the Wilce Student Health Center.

Appointments for vaccines, titers, and/or TB testing can be made online through MyBuckMD or by calling 614-292-4321.


Drug screens:

Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 4:30pm (appointment required)

Appointments for drug screens can be made online through MyBuckMD or by calling 614-292-4321.


To schedule online, students will log in to MyBuckMD with their OSU name.# and password, students will select “Appt. Scheduling” from the top navigation bar, then choose “Schedule Appt.” to see the available services and appointment times. The reason for the appointment will be “Health Professional Student – Drug Screen” when selecting options from the list. Drug screens will NOT be able to be combined with other appointments for a Preventive Medicine service, so a completely separate appointment will need to be scheduled in order to do the drug screen at Wilce.


If you have questions, please contact Wilce at the number listed above or email


The American Heart Association (AHA) has granted a 120-day extension to expiring BLS Provider certifications.  The extension has been applied to deadlines that were set to expire in the months of March-June. If students do not renew their CPR certification during the extension, they will be marked non-compliant at the end of the 120-day time period.  The college will revisit this policy as needed as the situation with COVID-19 progresses and more information is available.

The program compliance requirements for the traditional BSN program are listed below along with deadlines and submission instructions.  Once you have enrolled in nursing coursework, you will be able to view your compliance status at any time by logging onto the Student Portal with your name.# and password.

For specific questions regarding immunizations, titers, drug screens or documentation related to any of these items, please email the Wilce Student Health Center at


Immunization Requirements

Deadline: November 1

You are required to be in progress of completing the following immunizations.

  • Hepatitis B
  • MMR
  • Varicella
  • Tetanus
  • Two Step PPD
  • Influenza

A description of each immunization is listed here .  All immunizations are due November 1.  To comply with the immunization requirements, complete this form and upload the document to MyBuckMD.  Be sure to select the ‘Health Professional Compliance’ tag to avoid processing delays.

BCI and FBI Background Check Requirements

Deadline: August 1

You are required to complete both a BCI and FBI background check.  The results of both the BCI and FBI background check must be received no later than August 1.  You must use the following reasoning codes when completing the background process:

BCI Revised Code: ORC 4723.09

FBI Revised Code: ORC 4723.09

Please click here for instructions to complete the background checks. 

  • The College of Nursing does not accept background checks from third parties, including current or previous employers (even those associated with OSUMC), schools or programs.

CPR Certification Requirement

Deadline: November 1

You are required to complete a BLS Provider CPR certification course through the American Heart Association.  No other CPR certification will be accepted by the College of Nursing.

You must submit appropriate documentation to the College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion by November 1.  See sample documentation here.

  • CPR documentation can be submitted here.
  • This certification expires every two years.  Re-certification documentation must be submitted to the college before the expiration date to remain compliant.
  • Follow this link to find a BLS course in your area.


Submission Instructions: Automatically submitted to College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion upon completion.

Opens: July 1

Deadline: November 1

All College of Nursing students are required annually to complete HIPAA certification.  See FAQs here.

  1. Login to  .  If you have not previously affiliated with Ohio State and are experiencing login issue, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes. Otherwise, please contact or call 614-688-HELP (4357).
  2. Click “My Transcript” button and locate the HIPAA training and click “Launch”.  If you have not previously affiliated with Ohio State and HIPAA training is not listed, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes.
    Otherwise, please contact For all other support, please contact or call 614-688-HELP (4357).
  3. No further action is required once you have completed the HIPAA training. Your compliance status will be updated within 24 hours after completing the training.

Drug Screenings

Deadline: November 1

All College of Nursing students are required to complete a drug screen. You will not be permitted to attend clinical or health assessment if results have not been received.  If you wish to complete the drug screen early, you may attend the Wilce Student Health Center between July 1 and August 1.  Students unable to complete the screening during this time, will be required to make an appointment with Wilce.  Drug screens can be completed between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  No drug screens will be ordered past 4:30 p.m.

  • Drug screens completed at the Wilce Student Health Center are free of charge.
  • Please bring prescriptions of all medications/supplements currently being taken in the case of a false positive result.

Computer Based Learning (CBLs) & IHIS training modules

Deadline: November 1

Students conducting clinical at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are required to complete computer-based learning and IHIS training modules.  Since you will receive additional information from your instructors during autumn semester that will help you successfully access and complete the training, it’s recommended you not access the modules, as you may not be able to search for them, until classes start. The training modules must be completed by November 1.  See FAQs here.


You are required to complete various forms by the dates listed. A brief description of each form is provided on the hyperlinks below. Please click on each link to read the purpose and to complete the forms.

Deadline: August 1:

Image Release form

Substance Use Policy form

Deadline: November 1:

Confidentiality Agreement

Release of Information Authorization form

HRSA Survey

You are required to complete the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) survey by August 1. A brief description of the HRSA survey is provided on the hyperlink below.  Please click on the link to read the purpose and to complete the survey.

Deadline: August 1

HRSA Survey