PhD Requirements


As a new PhD student, you are required to complete post admissions requirements and program compliance requirements. Compliance requirements related to medical records and vaccinations must be submitted electronically to the Wilce Health Center through MyBuckMD.

The information below provides an overview of the requirements, deadlines, and instructions for submission.

 You can monitor your compliance status and the completion of requirements by logging into the Student Portal.  To access your portal, please navigate to You will be prompted to log in with your name.# and password.

Post-Admission Requirements

As a newly admitted student, the College of Nursing requires you to submit additional documentation to meet our post-admission requirements. You are required to meet the following post-admission requirements:

  • Proof of RN license or anticipated licensure date
  • BCI and FBI background check

Please complete the Post-Admission Requirements Survey at hereYou must complete the survey by April 1st.  The survey will provide instructions on the documentation required for each post-admissions requirement.  Requirements have specific deadlines, for specific deadlines on each requirement, please refer to the survey.

BCI and FBI Background Checks

Submission Instructions: Please click here for instructions and the reason code to complete the background check requirement.  The results must be sent directly to OHR by August 1.

  • The College of Nursing does not accept background checks from third parties, including current or previous employers (even those associated with OSUMC), schools, or programs

RN License

Submission Instructions: Please submit your documentation here . The RN license requirement is due by August 1.

Students must have an active, unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse in the United States or an international equivalent certification or licensure. You must upload a summary of your license or international certification including your full name, license number, and expiration date. For those with a United States Registered Nursing license, this screenshot can be found on the Board of Nursing Website. Submissions must be in a PDF file.


Program Compliance Requirements

Drug Screenings

Submission Instructions: completed at or submitted to Wilce Student Health Center

Due Date: Assigned dates first semester of enrollment.  Students local to Columbus area, may complete this requirement after April 1. Drug screens can be completed between 8:30am and 4:30pm. No drug screens will be ordered past 4:30pm.

  • Students wishing to complete a drug screen early may attend free of charge at Wilce Student Health Center between April 1 and August 1.  Students unable to complete screenings during this time, will be required to attend their assigned date.  Students will be notified of assigned dates in August.  ** Please bring prescriptions of all medications/supplements currently being taken in the case of a false positive result. **
  • If you are an online distance student you may have your our drug screen completed at another location, but the cost will not be covered by the College of Nursing.  Please see these directions in order to be screened for the correct substances.  Insufficient panels will not be accepted.
  • All College of Nursing students are required to complete a drug screen. Students will not be permitted to attend clinical or health assessment if results have not been received.


Confidentiality agreement

Submission Instructions: e-signed, submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs automatically upon completion.

Due date: Due at the end of first semester.

This form is to be signed by all students and faculty accessing patient information or providing patient care. This may require access to computerized patient record information such as IHIS (Integrated Healthcare Information System); One Source; Pyxis medication access; getting patient care supplies and equipment accessed through Omnicell; bar-coded ID access to specialized units or areas such as Women & Infant and entrance to secure medication and patient care supply areas for individual units.  This form can be signed electronically at the link below.


CITI Training (Social Science OR Biomedical):

All investigators and key personnel who participate in the design, conduct, and/or reporting of human subjects research (including exempt research) and all IRB members and IRB staff must be appropriately trained in the protection of human subjects. The University uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based human research courses to satisfy this requirement for faculty, staff, and students involved in human subjects research. Initial and continuing education (every 3 years) are required. Students may select either the Biomedical OR Social Behavior modules. All modules for the basic course must be completed; additional modules may be required if your research activity is in certain areas of focus (e.g. pregnant women, prisoners, etc).

Submission Instructions: CITI Training can be completed here at Be sure when you register that you affiliate with Ohio State when prompted by the website; that ensures that our Office of Research receives documentation of your completion of required basic modules. Once you complete the online training entitled Human Subjects Protection, you must upload the certificate of completion here.  If you have already completed CITI at another institution, log on to your CITI account and add OSU as an affiliated institution; additional training modules may be required.

Due date: Due at the end of first semester.


Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

As a national flagship public research university, The Ohio State University is privileged and compelled to model the highest standards of research integrity. To affirm our commitment, Ohio State requires everyone who is eligible to conduct research to be trained in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). All research eligible individuals must take the Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) RCR course, you may complete either the Biomedical or Social and Behavioral RCR. The University uses the CITI web-based RCR course (different from the basic modules). Be sure when you sign on to CITI that you affiliate with OSU.

Submission Instructions: RCR can be completed here.  Once you complete the online training, you must upload the certificate here.

Due Date: Due at the end of first semester.

RCR Example Documentation 
To print a certificate:
1.Log in here:
2.When you log in to this site, you will see a list of completed and pending courses. Please select the RCR completion certificate and click the view-print-share link for the correct training.

3.This will take you to a site shown below.  You will need to click on “Completion Certificates” to download and print/save the certificate.


4. Upload a PDF of your completion certificate here.


Image release form

Submission Instructions: e-signed, submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs automatically upon completion.

Due date: Due 30 days prior to program start, submissions accepted upon course enrollment.

Students of the The Ohio State University College of Nursing are featured in college publications, on our website, and in brochures and videos. In addition, some students are videotaped during clinical simulations for educational evaluation. This form provides your permission for the college to use your image for these purposes.  This form can be signed electronically at the link below.


HRSA Survey

Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs automatically upon completion.

Due date: Due 30 days prior to program start, submissions accepted upon course enrollment.

Purpose:  Ohio State University receives federal or grant funding based on students current or previous status.  Please complete the following questions regarding your status and background.  The information provided will be used in aggregate form when required to report to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for funding opportunities.