RN Licensed Graduate Entry Students

Continuing Graduate Entry students are responsible for ensuring their clinical compliance requirements do not lapse during their time in the program.  This includes all immunizations and certifications required at program start.  This also includes the submission of the RN license once it is obtained in the second year prior to the end of Nursing 7410.

Below are some of the most common items that need to be renewed during a student’s time in the program.  If you have questions regarding your immunization expiration, please contact the Wilce Student Health Center by emailing preventivemedicine@osu.edu.

RN License

Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs

Due Date: Due before the end of Nursing 7410

  • You must upload a summary of your license including your full name, license number, and expiration date.  This screenshot can be found on the Board of Nursing Website and must be a PDF file.
  • If you are experiencing issues with submission, select the PDF file you wish to upload, and wait for the name of the file to appear prior to clicking “submit”.
  • Please upload here.

TB Tests

Submission Instructions: submitted to Wilce Student Health Center

  • Must be renewed yearly, a single PPD is required.
  • Submitted to Wilce Student Health Center via MyBuckMD or preventivemedicine@osu.edu.
  • If submitting a TB skin test (PPD) for compliance, the following information is required: placement date, read date, induration (mm), and the overall result (positive or negative). Student Health Services needs all four parts of the TB skin test in order to enter your PPD for compliance. Submissions with less than complete information regarding the TB test will be rejected until the proper documentation is received. **Please note: if using OSUWMC or Employee Health to update your TB compliance status, you will need to submit the completed TB surveillance form in addition to the basic immunization history printout to achieve full compliance.


Submission Instructions: submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs

  • Must be renewed prior to expiration.  Please see your certification card for your renewal date.
  • To update your CPR card with the College of Nursing please submit a PDF of the front and back of your card here. One sided cards, or certifications for other courses will not be accepted.


Submission Instructions: Automatically submitted to College of Nursing Student Affairs upon completion

Due Date: Due August 1, available after July 1.

All College of Nursing students are required annually to complete HIPAA certification.

  1. Login to https://buckeyelearn.osu.edu  .  If you have not previously affiliated with OSU and experiencing login issue, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes.
    Otherwise, please contact 8help@osu.edu or call (614) 688-HELP (4357)
  2. Click “My Transcript” button and locate the HIPAA training and click “Launch”.  If you have not previously affiliated with OSU and HIPAA training is not listed, please try again when you are eligible to enroll for classes.
    Otherwise, please contact walujo.1@osu.edu.  For all other support, please contact 8help@osu.edu or call (614) 688-HELP (4357)
    If you are unable to find the training, please contact walujo.1@osu.edu. For all other support, please email 8help@osu.edu or call (614) 688-4357.
  3. No further action is required once you have completed the HIPAA training. Your compliance status will be updated within 24 hours after completing the training.