Compliance F.A.Q.s and Sample Documentation


  • Medical Documentation and Drug Screening FAQs
    • “If submitting a TB skin test (PPD) for compliance, the following information is required: placement date, read date, induration (mm), and the overall result (positive or negative). Student Health Services needs all four parts of the TB skin test in order to enter your PPD for compliance. Submissions with less than complete information regarding the TB test will be rejected until the proper documentation is received. **Please note: if using OSUWMC or Employee Health to update your TB compliance status, you will need to submit the completed TB surveillance form in addition to the basic immunization history printout to achieve full compliance.
  • Background Check Information
    • We are not able to accept background checks from previous schools, programs, or employers, even if they are associated with OSUMC.
    • We require both BCI and FBI Background checks.
    • BCI and FBI results can come in at different times, and this does not necessarily indicate an issue.  These are two separate processes and successful completion and receipt of one, does not indicate the status of the other.
    • Out of state fingerprinting will take longer than in-state printing, this does not necessarily indicate an issue.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the background checks arrive prior to all program compliance deadlines.
    • You will only be marked as compliant once both your BCI and FBI are received and cleared.  We are not able to update compliance status based on receipts from the purchase of the background checks.
  • Certification FAQs
    • Specific answers relating to CPR, RN licensure, and STNA requirements.

Sample Acceptable Documentation

CPR Cards



Nurses Aide Requirement

  • Certification as a Nurses Aide is required.  This can be called different things in different states such as STNA, SNA, PCA, CNA.  The course must have a didactic portion as well as a minimum of 16 clinical contact hours training with live patients.  No completely online courses will be accepted.  Please see below for sample documentation.

STNA License

Certificate of Course Completion

RN License Verification

  • RN License verification should include your name, RN License number, state of licensure, expiration date, and no board actions or restrictions.
  • This can be found at the online licensure verification webpage for your state of licensure.

Screenshot of License Summary

License Look- Up