CoMS Working Group

Welcome to the ‘CoMS working group’ help page. Weekly, a member from a team of experts will provide guidance during an informal Q&A session, no prior registration required. Office hours will include questions/answers and discussions about the microbiome, virome, and advanced ecological statistics analyses. For more details, you can contact the instructors most suited to your query according to their expertise (see below, each with their specific topics).

Meeting schedule and link:

  • Every Wednesday, 11am – 12pm EST.
  • To participate, look for the zoom link in the monthly mailer to CoMS members.

Spring 2022 instructors:


  • The basics: using bash, OSC, python, and R (download pdf).
  • Redirect here to the ‘Microbiome Informatics Webinar Series’ home page and CoMS’s YouTube channel where you can access webinar videos on a variety of microbiome analysis topics.