About Us


Our mission is to empower microbiome science for the design and prediction of microbial communities in animal, plant, human, environmental, and engineered systems.


In 2013, a small group of faculty at Ohio State University began organizing around the study of microbial communities across environments and within animal and human hosts. In 2017, this science gained more formal recognition on campus with the establishment of the Microbial Communities Thematic Program as part of Infectious Diseases Institute. Built on the early efforts and energy of many individuals across campus, The Center of Microbiome Science (CoMS) was launched in 2020 and also became part of the Microbiome Centers Consortium.

CoMS is a highly interdisciplinary network of investigators at Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital representing over 84 faculty from 9 different colleges. The three focus areas of CoMS are: Community, Compute, and Curriculum.  This includes building community within and between investigators in microbiome science, enabling investigators to perform microbiome studies by building out molecular and bioinformatic tools on campus, and providing trainee education and opportunities to gain high-tech digital skills in computational microbiology and bioinformatics. To date, CoMS efforts have resulted in support for multi-million-dollar microbiome and institute grants, the development of a five course Microbiome Training Track for graduate students; the establishment of microbiome, virome, and advanced ecological statistics working groups; multiple ideation, networking and training workshops and symposia around microbiome sciences; and the launch of a suite of advanced bioinformatic tools (MAVERICs – Microbial and Viral Ecological Research in Columbus Informatics) for metagenome and virome analysis freely available at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.



Founding Director: Matthew Sullivan – College of Arts and Sciences &  College of Engineering, sullivan.948@osu.edu






Executive Director: Seth A. Faith – Infectious Diseases Institute, faith.3@osu.edu

Associate Director: Vanessa Hale – College of Veterinary Medicine, hale.502@osu.edu 

Executive Advisory Board

Matt Anderson – College of Arts and Sciences

Karen Dannemiller – College of Engineering

Steven Goodman – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Jiyoung Lee – College of Public Health & College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Dan Spakowicz – College of Medicine

Christopher G. Taylor – College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences

Jenessa Winston – College of Veterinary Medicine