New paper: method for scalable capture & characterization of virus-host pairs with flow cytometry and plating

A new paper from the Sullivan Lab at OSU, authored by former postdoc Dr. Ho Bin Jang, describes an improved laboratory method, ‘Viral Tag and Grow’, that enables high-throughput capture and characterization of virus-host pairs. This entails using a host bacterium in culture, to which a collection of phage can be applied to monitor, via flow cytometry and subsequent plating – if a successful phage infection has occurred. The novelty of this method is due to the ‘Grow’ component, which provides robust evidence that a  virus-host pair is biologically viable. In addition, this method is scalable, which is ideal if hundreds of phages are to be tested against a host.

Congratulation Ho Bin and team!!

Jang, H.B., Chittick, L., Li, Y.-F., Zablocki, O., Sanderson, C.M., Carrillo, A., van den Engh, G., & Sullivan, M.B. 2022. Viral tag and grow: a scalable approach to capture and characterize infectious virus-host pairs. ISME Communications. 2, 12 (2022).

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