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Black Panther is more then just a movie to many people. Black Panther is a Marvel Film directed by Ryan Coogler, a black director, that is about a country in Africa that has advanced technology though a special metal that is hidden from the rest of society. There is trouble because an outsider wants to overthrow the controllers of the metal to use it for their own use. The cast of Black Panther is majority black, including the super hero. This is a major deal for American culture because there are not many movies with a majority black cast that are seen as positive. A lot of movies only show a certain part of American life, and don’t represent many other minority groups. Black Panther not only represented the black community on screen, but it brought African culture to be able to relate back to its black community watching at home. The actors and actresses in the movie also were able to show their culture to the world too. To the movie premier, the guests were asked to wear royal attire. In an article from Time magazine, it stated that people including the main character Chadwick Boseman and director Coogler wore a kanzu, which is a formal attire from Uganda. There were also a wide display of crowns and head scarfs from a wide variety of African Decedents. Being able to show off African culture and represent it was ground breaking for the large black community in America. The sense of pride was shown throughout the country, and some black people went to see the movie in their native dress attire. Watching a movie where African tribes have the power and technology to control the world is significant, yet just a small step to fixing systematic racism and the injustices faced in America. There needs to be a continuation of more minority casts seen in positive lights to help inspire the next generation and to properly represent all the different culture and ethnicities of America.


The Revolutionary Power of Black Panther

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  1. Hello! I really enjoyed your context research blog post, the point you made about how the movie is more than just a movie to many people because that is how I felt after watching it for the first time. It is a very important part of black culture now and has a great impact on black culture for many years now and that will continue to ring true for a very long time. I also enjoy how you said it was able to represent African culture, I think that they did this in a very different ways than movies have done before.

  2. Hello! I think that your context presentation was fantastic in regards of tying the movie and how it represented real life African culture. I also found it interesting that the director incorporated culture from all types of African tribes. Not only did the director add influence to the on screen aspects, but he also made sure that the soundtrack had African parts to it as well. Ludwig Göransson created the score of Black Panther and added African instruments to multiple songs to make it sound authentic. Overall, I thought you did a great job in pointing out the small details within the movie.

  3. Your context presentation did a great job talking about how the movie went against many of the traditional superhero movies that we have seen in American films. Growing up as a huge fan of Marvel and DC superheroes, it was great to see one focus on African culture and the minority life in America. Having a majority of the cast be black also helps the movie to better represent the culture in America that they are trying to capture. Throughout a lot of American films, they cast white people to play roles that should be held by minorities and this has been a major mountain to overcome in minorities breaking through in acting and producing.

  4. Hi! I thought you did a great job with your context presentation. You brought up many great points that were relevant to the film and the meaning behind it. I liked that you expressed the importance of the film and the impact it had in the black community. It was extremely significant and it was seen everywhere. I could see the pride of my friends and their families as they were able to see positive representations. I did see my friends wear their traditional garments and others were inspired to look into their own heritage. It is definitely a great movie that was a step forward in Hollywood that had not been seen before. I agree with the fact that there is still a long way to go but it is a good start.

  5. This was a great context presentation. I love the way you went about explaining the significance and importance of the meaning of this film. It especially stood out to me when you said “it brought African culture to be able to relate back to its black community watching at home” which I think was a fantastic way to show the Black community that their culture is unique and beautiful and that hero’s can, and do, look just like them. Your mention of how the cast members dressed at the award show was a great addition that I did not know about and I think its beautiful that they continued to show off their culture and with pride.

  6. Hey!
    I really enjoyed reading over your post and I agree that a lot of people look at Black Panther as much more than a movie. It is almost like a movement because of how much empowerment it has given to marginalized communities. It opens the door in Hollywood for diversity and breaks the stigma of superhero movies.

  7. I completely agree with your point in this context presentation. I think that portraying African culture as a leading and innovative force is something that we do not see enough of. I didn’t know what you mention about the premier of the film. I think that these are all great steps in the right direction, but we do need to keep doing things like this for a real change to come.

  8. Great context research presentation! You did a great job explaining the importance of the Black Panther. I think it is really amazing that the majority of the cast was African American and even the director. It really shows the change that is trying to be made in the United States and even in the film industry. The movie made great efforts and successes to show the African culture within the movie and for the actors outside of the movie like during the premier which you mentioned. It helped many throughout the United Stated to view, understand, and learn some of the African culture. Great post!

  9. Hello there! I think your background presentation was brilliant when you are talking about linking the movie and how it portrayed real-life African culture. In this background presentation, I fully agree with your point. We don’t see enough of African culture being portrayed as a leading and revolutionary power, in my opinion. I had no idea what you were talking about when you mentioned the film’s premiere. I believe that these are all positive steps in the right direction, but we must continue to take steps in this direction if we are to see real progress.

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