Diary of Systemic Injustice- Asian Hate Crimes

Krystal Webb

An example of systemic injustice that I have been noticing a lot in the news in the last year is how so many people are randomly attacking Asian and Asian American people on the street. It started when we first heard about the Corona virus and when people in the United States started getting infected with the virus. The first terrible video that I saw was a man attaching an elderly Asian man on the train or bus and no one stopped him. There are so many other videos and cases similar to that. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/asian-attack-san-francisco-hate-crime-b1823163.html

Former president of the united states called the corona virus the “kung-flue”. Him saying that was racist because he took a form of fighting that originated in Asia and turned into a phrase to put blame and mock Asian people. He put a target on them. Because so many people look up and follow him blindly, it gave other people a reason to think that all Asian people are to blame for the virus. When a leader is openly racist towards a group of people, they make a safe environment for others to be openly racist as well. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/20/trump-covid-19-kung-flu-racist-language

There are a lot of stereotypes that people associated with Asians and Asian American people. The model minority is a stereotype that we talked about in class while reading The Leavers. Many people use it as a way to believe that all Asian and Asian American people as really smart and hardworking people, or very attractive people. It is saying that they are the ideal type of minority that people want to have in a country because they are successful. It puts a lot of pressure on people, and it is wrong to classify them as perfect.  Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, there has been about 3,800 documented hate crimes against Asian and Asian American people. I cannot imagine how high the number of attacks that do not get reported. In the shooting that happened on March 16 that six of the eight of the people that were wrongfully murder where Asia American many people were upset how the media refereed to them. They acknowledge the victims as “Asian descent”. By acknowledging them that way it makes the victims out to be immigrants. The victims were not immigrants, but they should have been acknowledged as Asian Americans according to Two stereotypes that diminish the humanity of the Atlanta shooting victims – and all Asian Americans. Many media sources stereotyped them as a model minority with out even realizing it.

There are many cases with Asian people in America are being assaulted randomly. The only reason people are assaulting them is because they are Asian and no other reason. They are considered hate crimes because it is a hate crime to attack and harm a group of people based on their race. Asian people are being blamed for something that they have no control over. People are upset because of the world pandemic and take their anger out on Asian people. Asian and Asian American people are being used as a scapegoat for this virus that is effect so many people around the world. People are taking their anger out on a whole group of people and believe that they are responsible for something that is out of their control. It is so bad that some people have to escort elderly Asian people so that they can feel safe on the streets doing simple things.

There have been many people protesting to the Asian hate to bring awareness to others that at this time Asian people are in danger just because they are Asian and it wrong. For things to change, there needs to be a harsh punishment for anyone who is caught assaulting Asian people like time in jail and a fine. People need to understand that what is happening is not necessarily any single person’s fault and blaming one race fixes nothing at all. People are protesting and I believe that will change things. Protesting brings light to the hate so that other people can know that terrible things are happening. It also encourages other people to speak out against the hate. People are also stepping up in helping Asian American people by helping them do their errors and walking with them so they can feel safe. If people want this virus to change, people need to wear mask, not have big parties and also follow the rules to protect themselves. Attacking and blaming Asian people is racist and no one should have to live in fear. If you see something orstem a person being attacked because of their race, do not just watch what is happening; stand up and do something to put an end to it.
















4 thoughts on “Diary of Systemic Injustice- Asian Hate Crimes

  1. Hello Krystal! After reading your showcase I realized that we have a lot of the same overlapping ideas in both of our posts. I too wrote about how the former president of the United States labeled the virus as “Chinese” or “kung-flu”. I think this is extremely problematic as the President is seen as a speaker of the United States, and when he makes remarks such as that, it reflects onto the American people. I also believe in your solution to fix the problem. I think that educating the American people is one of the main ways that we can help address the racism in our country. Furthermore, peaceful protests are another way that we can get the message known throughout the US. Great showcase I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Hello Krystal,
    I appreciate your bringing up this timely topic in the context of this class. As I have been reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist I have been thinking of the similarities of how racism and xenophobia increased after 9/11 in similar ways to what Donald Trump and his supporters have produced by scapegoating and stereotypic Asians and Asian Americans. Like you and Jared, I believe education and protests are part of the solution. The cross-cultural comparative nature of this course is a testament to the ability of education to open and expand perspectives. The challenge will be how to address the many racist people in this country that do not value education and reduce universities to liberal propaganda.

  3. Hello!
    I think you do a good job of bringing attention to hate violence against Asians and Asian American people. It is quite sad how people will just hate someone because of their decent. There was an attack in Atlanta where I think roughly six Asian Americans were killed. The man bought a gun, went to multiple massage parlors, and just pulled the trigger. It’s all senseless and mind boggling that someone would actually do that.

  4. Hey Krystal,
    This is a great topic to discuss, especially with the recent events happening in the country. It must be brought to the world’s attention that this is not an acceptable action and that something should be brought to greater attention in mainstream media. People of Asian descent have often been the focus on racist jokes and violence over the course of the past decade, and this discrimination needs to stop. By doing your diary entry on this, it furthers the cause and brings helps to bring this issue further to light.

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