Diary of Systemic Injustice showcase: Social indifferences towards the disabled in China.

The systemic injustice that I want to share with you is about social indifferences towards the disabled in China. While I am writing this post, an image popped up in my mind where there is a bunch of Mobikes, a bike rental business like Chinese version of Lime, occupying the special lane for the disabled. Additionally, I found an article that organizes several similar cases in one city, which means that situations like this are everywhere, not just one or two scenarios. https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1667011387383774681&wfr=spider&for=pc


I started looking around for more information and personal stories about how disabled people felt in today’s culture. Through an article(link below), I discovered that, based on their own scenarios, some of them are still nervous and unable to engage in outdoor events. The devastation and occupation of the disabled special lane was just the tip of the iceberg of inequality they suffer on a daily basis. The majority of them have been exposed to direct or unintentional discrimination, abuse, victimization, and a failure to seek fair accommodations. https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/advice-and-guidance/disability-discrimination


People occupy the special services available for the disabled, in my opinion, because they do not believe it would have an effect on the disabled, who are a minor group of people. The awareness of respecting the disabled is clearly not sufficient in China right now. For example, we have special disabled toilets in the public sector, but I always see people feeling free to use them because the other normal slots are full, and we seldom see disabled people using them. In the case of the special lane occupation, the person who placed the bike in the lane said he had no idea there was a disabled person walking by because he had never seen a disabled person use that lane before. What I’m trying to imply is that those of us who display ignorance and disrespect to the disabled do so unintentionally because we don’t realize what we’re doing is causing these issues. It’s basically that they don’t take the special services offered for the disabled seriously. I believe we must learn to listen to and respect the voices of the disabled.

One thought on “Diary of Systemic Injustice showcase: Social indifferences towards the disabled in China.

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your showcase on a issue that many not be aware of. Many don’t realize what effects their actions have when they use things that were meant for the disabled like parking spaces and such which I believe is a major issue. You mention how poor treatment of the disabled is not only an issue here in the U.S but is also an issue in China. I believe issues like these need to receive more media coverage because of how common of a problem it is to where it’s present in two separate nations. This issue stems from a lack of knowledge and ignorance which is really easy to resolve and shouldn’t be an issue in the first place but due to laziness and lack of care it has evolved to the situation it’s in today.

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