Wine is a favorite topic of ours and when an opportunity to study it presented itself, we jumped at it. From a tiny grape seed all the way to the bottle, wine is a marvelous product, and it is extremely versatile. White wine paired with fish and pasta, red wine with rich meats, and sparkling and sweet wines paired with the desserts. Often times, just the thought of having a glass of wine at the end of a long day will bring on the semblance of relaxation. For this project, we plan to study how the grapes are grown and harvested, which regions produce the best of which type of grape, what is the process of production and how exactly fermentation and aging play a part in the development of the flavor, what is the process for bottling for both large and small manufacturers, and the different forms of storage for each variety. We are currently planning to meet via video messaging through a forum such as Skype, and from there we will plan out who will be doing what for this project. Additionally, two of us have some website creation experience and, therefore, our group will produce a website through OSU.