Once diamonds are formed and pushed to the earth’s crust, they are mined or found in riverbed deposits. There are many different types of mining techniques, but the most common mining technique is called open pit mining (Diamond Extraction Methods). This method loosens the crust one layer at a time allowing for sectional organization (see example #1 below). Once the layers are loosened, the loose crust is sorted through to find diamonds and then the loose crust is exposed of. The pit can become very deep and wide; this allows for such a wide search area and makes it such a efficient way to extract diamonds (Diamond Extraction Methods).

Diamonds are also found in riverbed deposits when the kimberlite erodes and diamonds work their way to rivers. Workers use baskets with strainers to look through the sediment on the riverbed to get decently sized rocks together (see example #2 below). The worker then looks through all of the remaining rocks to find any diamonds. Once they find a potential diamond, they turn it in to the company and continue looking for more diamonds.

The extraction of diamonds results in environmental impacts. The mining techniques are altering the earth’s crust by producing holes and thus creating the biggest environmental challenge: land disturbance (Diamond Facts). Mining for diamonds is also affecting the environment because it uses two forms of energy: hydrocarbons and electricity (Diamond Facts). Both of these forms of energy releases carbon emissions into the air; these emissions are considered to be contributors to global warming and climate change (Diamond Facts). It is important that the extraction companies realize their impact on the environment and develop healthier ways to extract the diamonds.


Example #1: Open Pit Mining                Example #2: Worker looking for diamonds in riverbed deposits


Photo Source: Top Diamond Mining Tips For Amateurs                    Photo Source: Diamond Mining 5

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  1. I was wondering how diamonds were extracted from rock. I found a rock about 15 to 20 pounds in weight. It was a rock that seamed out of place. The weighed is what gets me because of it’s size. I decided to crack it open. Inside there is about seven different shades of color. I’m
    61 years old and in this rock the only thing I’ve ever seen glitter like this does is diamond.plus the rock looks like it has been very very hot. I would like to get a reply on this rock if possible. Thank you.

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