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Pure Barre is a nationwide and local business. It is private toning work out classes. Inside each Pure Barre they carry Lululemon clothes. The owners of each store purchase Lululemon products for there store and then sell them to their customers. The prices are the same pricing but there is NO returning or exchanging the product once purchasing it from a Pure Barre location. Lululemon really benefits from Pure barre because the dress code is strictly yoga pants, no shorts, or skirts and that is Lulu’s specialty. Located on Lululemons website under blog is benefits of practicing barre and how it helps the body. Both Pure Barre and Lululemon come together to help purchase their products!images


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  2. The collaboration between Pure Barre and Lululemon creates a mutually beneficial relationship in the purchasing and distribution of their products. Pure Barre, a nationwide and local business offering toning workout classes, sells Lululemon clothes in their studios. The owners of each Pure Barre location purchase Lululemon products and make them available for sale to their customers.

    This partnership benefits Lululemon as the dress code at Pure Barre studios requires participants to wear yoga pants, which aligns with Lululemon’s specialty. Customers attending Pure Barre classes can find and purchase Lululemon products directly from the studio. However, it’s important to note that once purchased from a Pure Barre location, Lululemon products cannot be returned or exchanged.

    Lululemon also acknowledges the benefits of practicing barre on their website, further highlighting the synergy between the two brands. This collaboration allows customers to conveniently access and purchase high-quality workout apparel while attending Pure Barre classes.

    Overall, the partnership between Pure Barre and Lululemon enhances the purchasing and distribution of their products, creating a seamless experience for customers interested in both fitness classes and quality athletic wear.

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