Extraction of Raw Materials

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Lululemon strictly follows several guidelines when it comes to their raw materials. They are a part of the Dodd Frank Act which must ensure that metals used in their products do not contain tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold. If the metals do contains these elements, they must not come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or surrounding countries. Lululemon has also signed the Responsible Sourcing Network’s Cotton Pledge whose goal is to end forced child labor for harvesting cotton in Uzbekistan. The company gets their down from DOWNLITE which comes from Poland and Ukraine. Downlite  does not live pluck or force feed geese. Lululemon is working with Canopy to guarantee that the forest-based fibers they use advocate good health for the forests. The wool that lululemon uses comes from several different areas including Australia, New Zealand, China and South Africa.



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  35. Lululemon’s commitment to ethical sourcing goes beyond mere corporate responsibility—it’s a reflection of their dedication to integrity and compassion. By adhering to strict guidelines and supporting initiatives like the Dodd Frank Act and the Responsible Sourcing Network’s Cotton Pledge, Lululemon is taking a stand against exploitation and injustice. Knowing that the materials in their products are sourced with such care and consideration instills a sense of trust and admiration among consumers. It’s not just about making clothes; it’s about making a difference in the world.raozat.com

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