Our Commodity Chain Project


Hello everyone! This is our website for our commodity chain project for Geography 2750. For this project we chose to further research the many different steps that it takes for a lululemon product to reach the shelf. From raw materials to consumption, we took a closer look into where each process took place and the exact routine lululemon follows. We hope you enjoy our project!


photos from lululemon.com and blog.lululemon.com

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  26. Our Commodity Chain Project delves into the intricate journey of a product from its origin to consumers’ hands. Through meticulous research and analysis, we uncover the interconnected nodes spanning raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Examining socio-economic impacts, environmental footprints, and labor practices, we unveil the complexities shaping global trade. Our project aims to foster awareness and inform conscientious consumer choices.

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  28. Our Commodity Chain Project involves mapping out the entire lifecycle of a specific commodity, from production to consumption. As part of this project, we’re utilizing innovative tools such as a token maker to track and authenticate each stage of the commodity chain. This token maker technology allows us to create unique digital tokens that represent key data points or transactions within the chain, ensuring transparency, accountability, and traceability. By integrating token maker technology into our project, we’re revolutionizing how we understand and analyze commodity chains, leading to more informed decision-making and sustainable practices.

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  42. Great to see such a detailed exploration of Lululemon’s commodity chain. This blog post offers valuable insights into the brand’s operations and sustainability practices, which is enlightening for both consumers and industry watchers.

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