Coffee, world’s second most valuable commodity


About 70% of coffee beans are Arabica bean, and 80% of it comes from Latin America. Most small farm workers harvested the core of coffee, coffee beans, earn the least in this commodity chain. They sell coffee directly to middlemen exporters called coyotes. But large coffee estate owners who produce coffee also sell their product at the prices set by New York Coffee Exchange, and thus earn much more. Then, importers buy green coffee from exporters or large plantation owners. The importers play a major role in this commodity chain because roasters who can’t buy quality green coffee rely entirely on these importers, and importers can thus influence what types of green coffee are to be sold. Roasters make the highest profit in the chain. There are two types of roasters: large roasters who have certain type of recipes and sell to large retailers and micro-roasters who buy coffee from importers in small and frequent purchases and produce specialty coffee. After roasters produced their packaged coffee, retailers purchase them. Then they either sell the beans or make them into drinkable coffee to consumers.










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