Commodity Project Outline

Justin Casto

Cody Freshour



We decided to focus our project on diamonds because of three reasons: One, historically, diamonds have had important roles in trade and value in nearly every culture. Two, diamonds are among the rarest of the precious stones and this causes them to have extremely high market prices. Lastly, diamonds have and still do cause major conflict where they are mined which subsequently tend to be 3rd world countries with weak governments that are unable to intervene.

Our commodity chain will focus on six activities in the diamond trade and exchange. These will include exploration, mining, rough diamond sale and distribution, smuggling, cutting and polishing, and jewelry retail. There are many steps taken before the diamond ends up on ladies left hands across the western world and they have many social and environmental issues within them. Examples include child labor, war and conflict, and high-stake trading.

Work Breakdown:

Cody-Exploration, mining, retail, and conclusion

Justin-Rough diamonds, cutting and polishing, smuggling, and introduction.

Both of us will give 100% to the project!


Website breakdown:


-Commodity Chain



-Map of diamond commodity chain activities


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