Diamonds are one of the most unique minerals to be present on Earth. With their incredible hardness and unparalleled shine, diamonds have made their way to not only the top of industries but top of consumer markets. But while they may be a nice luxury to enjoy for some, many steps of their journey to jewelry results in negative impacts in the environment and society. As more attention is brought to these issues, one can only hope that more light will be shed as to how to fix these problems and leave a brighter future for not only the diamonds, but this planet.

Map: Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.46.52 PM

NOTE: Smuggling routes are limited due to lack of resources; many of these routes are in states of constant change on the global scale to avoid detection therefore, it is hard to find credible sources for their paths. Also, diamond retail was not included as diamond jewelry is sold all over the world and some records are kept and others are not. This also makes it difficult to make credible maps to represent accurate sales.


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