Original Scale (English)

Below is the Klein et al. Unidimensional Target neutral (K.U.T) Commitment Measure.  This measure, published in the article cited below along with initial validation evidence,  is in the public domain.  It is provided here, along with translations in multiple languages to facilitate its use and to build our understanding of the commitment construct and processes across multiple targets or foci of commitment and disciplines.

Source: Klein, H. J., Cooper, J. T., Molloy, J. C., & Swanson, J. A. (2014). The assessment of commitment: Advantages of a unidimensional, target-free approachJournal of Applied Psychology, 99, 222-238.

Construct Definition: Commitment is a volitional psychological bond reflecting dedication to and responsibility for a particular target (Klein et al., 2012).
1. How committed are you to [your/the/this] [target] ?
2. To what extent do you care about [your/the/this] [target] ?
3. How dedicated are you to [your/the/this] [target] ?
4. To what extent have you chosen to be committed to [your/the/this] [target] ?
Response scale:a
1 2 3 4 5
Not at all Slightly Moderately Quite a bit Extremely

aIf restricted variance is a concern, a 7-point response scale may be used (Not at all, Slightly, Somewhat, Moderately, Mostly, Very, Completely)

Please contact Howard J. Klein at klein.12@osu.edu if:

  • you have any questions about the use of this measure
  • you would like to submit a validated translation of the measure in an additional language
  • you have used or plan to use this measure (for any commitment target and in any language or country) and would be interested in contributing your data for secondary analysis to a large scale measurement equivalence study