List of topics, themes, and questions for further discussion

Please add ideas for topics, themes and questions that we might discuss at the ColLABoratory. You can start adding ideas right away, or wait for the day itself.

During the ColLABoratory, you are encouraged to begin adding ideas at the beginning of the day, and to continue throughout the day. There’s no limit on the number of ideas you can add, nor do you have to append your name to any ideas unless you wish to. If an idea has already been discussed but you think we would benefit from coming back to it, add that too.

To add a suggestion, click “Leave a Comment” at the bottom of the page and type your suggested topic, theme, and/or question in the comment field. You can also reply to others’ comments.

With about 90 minutes remaining, we’ll vote on which three topics, themes, and/or questions to discuss further as a group. This list of topics, themes, and/or questions may continue to serve as inspiration for further ColLABoratory activities.