Top 5 Strengths

Emily Rose Coleman

Humanities Scholars

Top 5 Strengths

My strengths include input, positivity, restorative, context, and empathy.  This paints an accurate picture of my personality in just five simple words.  Input is the craving to know more, positivity is upbeat and excited, restorative is being adept at dealing with problems, context is an understanding of the present by understanding the past, and empathy being the ability to sense and be sensitive to the feelings of others.

My strengths like context, positivity, and input make excelling in academics natural and exciting.  With context I love to study history and apply it to the modern world.  This is not only helpful in history classes, but it is helpful in any class because applying a historical context to any subject makes the student’s perspective more holistic.  Because I am generally a positive person, I enjoy going to classes and I am easily able to bounce back after suffering a setback in a class, like a bad quiz grade.  The applicability of input to academics is obvious.  I absolutely love learning and soaking up knowledge, so love going to classes and taking notes.

My strengths also show that I am a social person; they allow me to get along well and enjoy being with others.  I am positive, which is a quality that people generally enjoy in a friend.  Because I am restorative, I am well equipped to address problems, which applies when people come to me with their problems or when it comes to solving an issue with a friend.  Empathy is productive also, because I am able to sense when someone is upset and I can understand why they feel that way.

Although I feel it is a small glimpse in to a person’s personality as a whole, I think it is important to know your strengths and how you will be able to use them in the future.

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