Scholars Event- Trip to The Wilds


On September 25th, a group of Bio-Sci and Health and Humanities Scholars and I visited The Wilds, a conservation center and non-profit safari park. We toured the entire park, getting the opportunity to see different species of animals, both native and exotic, and learning about the history and mission of the park. I want to become a veterinarian, and I am also very passionate about conservation. As our world is affected by climate change and the growing human population, many species of animals are being forced out of their natural habitats, and are being killed. Conservation is extremely important as more and more species of animals are being added to the endangered species list, and it is up to us to help it stop. I was able to learn so much and appreciate what The Wilds offers to the animals in terms of food and shelter, and to us in terms of knowledge and awareness. After my undergraduate studies, I would love to intern there and play a more involved role in helping conserve our beautiful planet.