About Me


Hello! My name is Sue Coimbatore, and I am a freshman here at the Ohio State University majoring in Animal Sciences/Pre-Vet. In high school, I was a volunteer at at Camp Cheerful’s Therapeutic Horsemanship Center, a center devoted to helping children with both physical and mental disabilities practice important skills such as focus and coordination through therapeutic riding. I groomed and tacked horses, and led them and their riders around an arena for lessons. At school, I was a violinist in the Symphony Orchestra, and a select group called Chamber Strings. After my undergraduate studies, I plan on applying to vet school with the hopes of becoming a veterinarian and opening my own clinic and animal shelter. I chose to become a Biological Sciences Scholar because I am extremely passionate about community service, and I believe that being a part of this community will help me pursue my career.

In this e-portfolio, you will find documentation of career related experiences and my progress towards becoming a student of veterinary medicine in a few years.