My Career Goals

I have loved animals all my life. Growing up, I was always intrigued by the way people lived their lives, intertwined with those of animals, and I loved being able to witness the love and compassion people and animals showed toward each other. To see people treating animals not just as pets, but as members of the family really struck a chord in my heart. This absolutely beautiful relationship between man and animal really sparked my curiosity at a young age, and since then, it has always been my dream to become a veterinarian.

In the tenth grade of high school, I began volunteering in Camp Cheerful’s Therapeutic Horsemanship Program. In this program, children and adults, many with special needs, improve their physical and mental well-being through horseback riding. I groomed and tacked the horses to prepare them for riding sessions and led them with their riders around an arena for classes. It was truly amazing to see such strong bonds form between a rather large animal and a small child. It was also in this program that we watched one of our beloved horses suffer and pass away after a long battle with cancer. I still remember how devastated the riders and even some of the other horses were. This incident fueled my goal of becoming a veterinarian even more, and only made me more determined to save the lives of the animals that have great impacts on us.

After my first year at Ohio State, I started pursuing any opportunities that would allow me to work within the veterinary field that summer. After a month of contacting nearly 30 practices, I was finally hired by Dr. Bloze at St. Francis Animal Hospital. This small animal clinic was my first true glimpse into the veterinary field. Everything I learned, from restraining animals during office visits, to providing emotional support for clients deciding to euthanize their family pet, really opened my eyes to what the veterinary field entails. After that summer, I became a Veterinary Assistant at Perimeter Veterinary Hospital in Dublin, Ohio, to further my experiences in small animal veterinary medicine.

Learning is something that I truly enjoy doing, and I wanted to continue immersing myself in the various fields of veterinary medicine. Since last year, I have also had the opportunities to work with cows, pigs, and goats. However, one field that I had not yet explored is wildlife medicine and rehabilitation. My previous experiences have primarily focused on the domesticated animals that humans have bonded with, but it is also important to remember the animals in our backyard that shape our ecosystem. So, I started interning at the Ohio Wildlife Center this summer, a hospital and rehabilitation center that focuses on the care and release of injured wild animals.

After earning my undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences, I hope to attend Veterinary School and open my own practice one day. The experiences I’ve had with different animals have only fueled my dream of becoming a veterinarian, and I hope to have so many more throughout the next few years. I want to be able to serve the animals that do so much for us human beings, from providing companionship and keeping us well fed to keeping our ecosystem in balanced. I want to continue interacting with the world around me as much as possible and share my passions and appreciation for those animals. I can’t wait to make my dream a wonderful reality.


Here is my Resume ( Resume (Coimbatore)-1adzpjr )

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