Global Awareness is the appreciation for diversity and differences within ourselves and the people around us. As a daughter of two Indian American immigrants, I grew up exposed to both American culture, and the culture my parents grew up with. At Ohio State, I would love to study abroad and learn about the other cultures and ways of life that I have not yet been exposed to.

Original Inquiry is the experiencing of the research process. I plan on becoming a part of undergraduate research here on campus in the future, although I’m not quite sure in what topics.

Academic Enrichment is the pursuing of academic excellence through experiences both inside the classroom and outside of it. I plan on also becoming an Honors student here at Ohio State, interning with various companies and working with different people, and getting involved on campus in different clubs and organizations.

Leadership Development is the development of skills that can be demonstrated in the classroom, in the community, in their co-curricular activities, and in future roles in society. I plan on becoming a part of clubs and organizations on campus that I am passionate about, and perhaps leading them as an upperclassman.

Service Engagement is the commitment to service in the community. I volunteered extensively in high school, and I plan to continue on this path. I have volunteered in the ICU at Ohio State’s Veterinary Hospital. I am currently volunteering at the Ohio Wildlife Center.

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