Undergraduate Theses and Research Posters

Posters for the 2021 annual conference of the Society for Applied Anthropology

Madeline Fixler, A History of Argentine Immigration Law and Its Effects on Jewish Immigrants and Their Sense of National Identity, 2021.

Genevieve G. Soucek, Changing Trends in Research on Turkish Migrants in Germany, 2021.

Melissa Mahan, Mind the Gap: A Critical Analysis of School Ethnography, 2018.

Meagan Jones, Among and Beyond the Stalls: An Analysis of Social Networks in the Westland Flea Market, 2015.

Emily Schueller, An Ethnographic Study of Education and Status Among Muslim Women in Old City Hyderabad, 2015.

Melissa Barrett, From Horses to Tour Buses: The Effects of Tourism on Ollantaytambo, Peru, 2014.

Elaina Voyk, Orphan Vulnerability, NGOs and HIV/AIDS in Ghana, 2011.

Kelly Shultz, Amitabha Apple Pie and Cubicle Chenrezig: Ethnography of an American Tibetan Buddhist Sangha, 2010.

Taylor Nelm, Negotiating the Ideal Family through Conversational Narrative: Relationships of Exchange in a QuiteƱo Family, 2006.