We are actively recruiting preschool children (both Cochlear Implant users and Normal Hearing) to participate in a new longitudinal research study on psychosocial outcomes, titled The Adjustment, Behavior, Language and Executive Functioning (ABLE) Project. In the ABLE project, we investigate how preschool children’s ability to identify, plan, execute, and evaluate goals contributes to social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes.


  1. Identify the factors that contribute to individual differences in social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes.
  2. Investigate how these factors change across a 12-month period.

Ages: Preschool children between the ages of 3–6 years.

  1. CI Users: Bilateral severe-to-profound hearing loss (>70 dB HL) prior to age 3 years with at least one multichannel CI activated by age 3 years.
  2. Normal Hearing Peers: Hearing within normal limits in both ears.

Language: English is the primary language.
Education: Enrollment in an educational program (such as a preschool) outside of the home.

What to expect from your visits to our lab:

  1. This longitudinal study requires 3 visits to our lab across a 12 month period.
  2. Each visit will take approximately 2 hours, with opportunities for breaks.
  3. The parent/primary caregiver will be asked to complete several questionnaires.
  4. The child will participate in several tasks that measure nonverbal intelligence, language, and self-control (for example, their ability to focus and remember).
  5. The parent/primary caregiver and the child will also participate in play tasks with toys.

Families will be compensated for their time and children will be allowed to select a toy from our toy store.

Have questions about our research? We’re happy to speak with you!

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