CogFest 2019

The Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at OSU hosted it’s annual conference, CogFest, March 24-25th. Each year CogFest invites faculty, students, and community members to explore questions related to human cognition from behavioral, applied, computational modeling, and cognitive neuroscience perspectives. Two of our undergraduate RAs, Julianne Peacock and Gina Vivino, presented their research project examining “Are all directives bad? A look into how maternal linguistic input may serve to bootstrap socially appropriate behavior.” Round of applause for their fantastic work!

Julianne and Gina

In action!

COSM Conference

Dr. Castellanos and Dr. Moberly’s medical student, Tirth Patel, is presenting a poster titled, “Self-reported executive functioning and sentence recognition skills in postlingually deafened adult CI users,” at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings in San Diego, California on April 26th.