Undergraduate Research Assistants

Prospective Students

The Cognitive Development Lab may admit new students at the start of each semester.  Students may work in the lab for Psychology 4998 course credit or as a volunteer.  Students who participate in 4998 research are from a wide array of majors including psychology, linguistics, and pre-med.  Students working in the lab are involved in a variety of research activities such as recruiting subjects, maintaining a participant database, running studies with undergraduate participants, interacting with parents and children, and data analysis.  Additional research opportunities are available to students who make a greater commitment to the lab and demonstrate responsibility as a member of the lab.  We encourage undergraduates to be actively involved in the intellectual life of the lab, and to that end we have a weekly lab meeting during fall and spring semesters in which students can learn graduate school application tips, interview techniques, and scientific reading and writing skills.  To see if the lab would be a good fit for your research interests, please read about our current research and check out our recent publications before applying.

We are not currently accepting new students for the AU21 semester, but will be hiring for SP22. If you are interested in applying please contact our Lab Manager, Sophie Ireton, at ireton.19@buckeyemail.osu.edu. Please attach your course schedule/availability and resume to application e-mail.

Current Students

If you are a current undergraduate RA and need to update your paperwork, please go to the following site:
Student Website