§ How do I contact you for more information?
-By calling us at 614-688-5856 OR e-mailing infants@osu.edu

§ What should I expect if I agree to participate in the current research?
-You should expect to be contacted by one of our researchers to set up an appointment and/or provide you with more information.

§ What do you do with my information?
-The information you provide us is added to a secure database for our records. We use this information to stay in touch with you about recent events and to determine which studies are the best match for you and your child. Your information will never be shared or used for other purposes without your direct consent.

§ What if we’re only available on weekends?
-That works perfect for us! We are open 7 days a week (except for home football games and major U.S. holidays) from 9-5. We appreciate your participation and are as flexible as possible to accommodate your family’s needs!

§ About how long does the appointment last?
-The average appointment takes about one hour per participant. It could be more or less than that depending on how many breaks each child requires throughout the studies.

§ What will be expected of my child during the appointment?
-Our studies are presented as computer games for the child, which they will play alongside one of our research assistants!  We have a variety of different technologies we employ with our child participants to complete the game (eye tracking or and laptop/touch screens). You will be fully informed prior to your appointment what your child will be asked to do so that you and your child can decide whether or not you are interested in participating.

§ How do we get involved?
-If you would like to participate in our lab or contact us for more information, feel free us at infants@osu.edu or 614-688-5856.

§ If I sign up for more information am I obligated to come in?
-Absolutely not! While we appreciate your interest in our research you are in no way obligated to participate once you have given us permission to contact you. If you are not interested please just let the researcher know and we will stop all contact.

§ Can I bring my child’s sibling to the appointment?
-Of course, all are welcome! If your other children are eligible to participate we can have them all participate in the same appointment. If not, we have a pretty fun play room for them to hang out in. If necessary, we can provide an additional research assistant to hang out with them.

§ Where do I park?
-Right outside of our building! We will have a researcher waiting outside for your arrival who will direct you to a reserved parking space directly outside of the Psychology Building and provide you with a parking pass.