COVID-19 Zoom Studies

For the safety of our participating families and our research staff, our lab has suspended all in-person activity in the lab and at local schools.

We have instead started to do virtual experiments over Zoom! If your child is in need of entertainment while at home, you can zoom with the Cognitive Development Lab and play fun computer games with our researchers! During these computer games, your child will learn about different kinds of creatures through our categorization tasks, collect virtual candy from our exploration task, or talk about their favorite words through our word association task.

All you need is a tablet or a computer with a webcam, internet access, and a non-distracting space in your home for your child to play. Any child in the 4-8 age range can participate. 

These virtual appointments take 30-60 minutes (depending on what games we play and how many kids you have), and each participating child will be sent a virtual $10 amazon gift card. To participate or ask questions, please fill out this form or email