A Typical Visit To Your Child’s School

A week in advance we will contact the school/teachers to decide upon a convenient time for our researchers to come and visit. Upon arrival, our research assistants will report directly to the main office to provide the personnel with the required paperwork (See FAQ section). They will then be accompanied by the research assistant to a quiet area, such as a corner of a classroom or a hallway, to set up their laptop computers and touch screens. The researchers will provide the teacher with the permission slips of the children we had discussed during the scheduling process. The teacher is given the option to choose what order the children will be allowed to participate in, so as to not disrupt their daily learning activities. 

Your child will then be asked if they would like to play a game with the researcher. If they answer “yes”, they will be escorted to the testing area to participate in a study ranging from 10-25 minutes. If they answer “no” the researcher will not work with them that day. Before they begin the game, they will be asked again if they would like to participate. If they answer “no” at this point, they will be escorted back to the classroom. Once the game is over your child will be given fun stickers and a Certificate of Science to put in their cubby/backpack. 

After the researcher has either reached the end of their allowed time at the school, or finished working with their participants, they will pack up and let the main office know they will be leaving the building.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Allison Granger at coglab@osu.edu or 614-688-3970