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Hi Christa! My name is Jenna Coffman. I am a sophomore here in the college and I am so thankful to say that! I am excited that you chose to do blog posts as our assignments because I have always loved to journal. I think its a very good way to self- reflect and much less boring than doing weekly quizzes.

I come from Bucyrus, Ohio, which is a very small town about and hour north of Columbus. You could say that I am a “country girl” although I don’t really like that label. My dad taught me how to hunt and fish when I was young so those are stull hobbies that I have today. My mom however, taught me how to love shopping, cooking, reading, and most of all, traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some pretty cool places throughout my life, and our summer vacations to the beach is what I look forward to all year.

While I was in high school I played softball and volleyball. They meant so much to me back then and it was hard to let them go when I decided to come to OSU. I had to find some new things to be a part of, but that wasn’t too difficult here! I am in a club called CHAARG, which is a workout/ fitness group for girls where we meet once a week and go to different workout studios in downtown Columbus. I am also in Younglife, as Christian organization that was also very important to me in high school. Lastly, as college is very expensive, I work as an SNA at the Wexner Medical Center. I just recently finished my training so I’m still very new, but I hope that having a little experience will give me some extra confidence in my clinical.

I am looking forward to this class and I hope to learn a lot. I am often shy and don’t always like to be in a conversation with someone I’m not comfortable with. I think this class will be really beneficial to me and help me gain some new skills!


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