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The yellow pins on the map are the 5 largest coffee distributors. They include: Tim Hortons (Ontario, Canada), Dunkin Donuts (Massachusetts), Starbucks (Seattle, Washington), McCafe (Santa Clara, California) , and Costa Coffee (Dunstable,UK).

A light blue line is drawn from Mexico to the US because Mexico is the number once source of the United States imports.

The three black lines drawn from Brazil to Europe, Japan, and The United States represent Brazil’s exports to those three countries.

Japan, US, and Europe are the three largest countries known for roasting.

Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, and Vietnam are known for their growing off coffee beans and harvesting.

Highlighted in purple is the United States, because it is the largest import of coffee.

Highlighted in pink is Brazil, because it is the largest export of coffee.

Costa Rica and Kenya are both known for their processing of the coffee beans.

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