We are pleased to invite abstracts so that professional and student researchers can share research findings. CoFE16 registration will be required for presentation of the accepted abstracts. We encourage abstracts dealing with various aspects of food engineering especially the following areas:

Mathematical Modeling of Process Operations, Thermal Processing, Alternative Thermal Processes, Nonthermal Processing, Microbial Growth and Inactivation, Packaging for Shelf-Life Extension, Sensors, Engineering of Digestion Processes, Bioprocessing for Value-Added Product Production, Encapsulation and Delivery, Extraction of Bioactives, Fresh Produce Safety, Combination Treatments for Processing Efficiency, Sustainability of Food Operations, Advances in Frozen Foods, Safety of Low-Moisture Foods, Food Engineering Education, Nanotechnology Applications in Foods, Physical Properties and Quality Attributes, Hygienic Design, Fouling and Cleaning, and other areas.

Abstract preparation guidelines:

Abstract (300 words or less) should provide research justification, objective, methods, results, relevance to food engineering profession and the food industry.

  • List a title
  • List of authors with affiliations below the title
  • Abstracts promoting commercial products or technologies without scientific emphasis will not be considered.
  • Please proof read abstract prior to submission.
  • Organizers reserve the right to reject incomplete abstracts or those do not follow review guidelines. 

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to July 5, 2016. Please submit the abstract as PDF document via e-mail to cofe2016@osu.edu.   Please make sure PDF file is readable before submission.  

Authors who did not register and pay their conference registration  fees by July 15, 2016 will be removed from the program

A special panel of judges will review posters submitted by student presenters and will select the top student posters for awards.