Blog #1

In DH 7100 I am excited to learn about presentation and alternative ways to facilitate a classroom experience.  I have had the opportunity to work individually with students but have not experienced presenting information and facilitating larger groups of students as they learn new material.  In my writing, I have a tendency to be wordy.  I continue to work on being succinct yet thorough through writing but I have not worked on presenting and or facilitating material in a way that is direct, concise and clear.  My desire is that this course will act as a springboard for me to grow in this area so I feel more comfortable.   Learning innovative ways of engaging students in a classroom setting is one aspect that will be beneficial as I learn ways to facilitate a classroom of students.  Learning how to use technology appropriately such as with PowerPoint and/or other media used in presentation will also be valuable as I work on my goal of being an effective presenter and facilitator.

In March, I have the opportunity to present to first year students and the class will be a flipped classroom.  This is an active learning technique we will be learning more about in week 5!  This will be a great way to help me as I prepare for this experience with students.

The reservation I have in this course is the presentation of the PechaKucha.  While presentation is something I desire to become better at, initially it feels very scary.  I also have hesitation with peer evaluation.  I have participated in peer evaluation in other courses in this program but I still hesitate and hope that I am understanding the material well enough to evaluate a peer and give constructive, appropriate feedback.

I think this class will be a great addition to what we have learned in DH 6100.  I am ready to jump in and learn!