Statistics and Biostatistics Graduate Student Poster Session

Happy Thursday everyone,

Last Thursday (09/24/2015), instead of a regular guest talk in the cozy Cockins Hall 240, we all enjoyed a poster session by our graduate students. We had a great time learning about all the exciting projects that our students are working on. Here are some pictures of the day:









You can find more pictures on our department Facebook For an updated schedule of our departmental seminars, you can go to Below is the list of student participants and their projects:

Brittney Bailey Analysis of Individually Randomized Group Treatment Trials with Binary Outcomes
Andrew Bean Transformations and Bayesian Density Estimation
Mark Burch Statistical Estimation and Inference for Network-Based Stochastic Epidemic Models
Po-Hsu Chen Sequential Pareto Optimization of Physical Systems Using Calibrated Computer Simulators
Jeff Gory Bayesian Inference of Selection Using the Wright-Fisher Diffusion
Yanan Jia Bilinear Mixed Effects Models for Affiliation Networks: Segregation of Adolescents in Their Extracurricular Activities
Liubo Lu Trend-Filtered Projection for PCA
Rong Lu Allele-Specific RNA Expression Modeling Using Finite Mixture
Yi Lu Bayesian Registration of Functions
Michael Matthews Partially Sequential Median Ranked Set Sample Test Procedure
Anna Mohr Comparing Networks of Different Sizes
Amy Stark The Relationship Among Toxicity, Response, and Survival Profiles Ultimately Influence Calling a Beneficial Drug Favorable Under Standard Phase I, II, and III Clincal Trial Designs
Yuan Tian Distribution of Gene Tree Histories Under the Coalescent Model with Gene Flow
Jojo Wang Empirical Bayes Model Averaging Under Model Misfit
Weiyi Xie Metric-Based Boxplots for Functional Data in the Presence of Time-Warping Variability

Thank you everyone for coming!

Sophie & Justin

T-shirts available

Happy Friday everyone,

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Also, thank you everyone for coming to the pizza party to welcome new students. Hope you guys enjoy this coming long weekend.

Sophie & Justin

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

Hello everybody,

First of all, we would like to welcome all of the new faces in the department. Congratulations! You made it and we are so happy to have you join us. Also, we would like to welcome back everybody who is returning from their summer. Hopefully everyone has had an awesome summer and is ready for the new school year.

To start things off in a fashionable way, we had our first department hangout at Graeter’s Ice cream last Sunday (08/23/2015). We enjoyed free Graeter’s ice cream, nice weather and caught up with each other. Here are some pictures from it:


A big thanks to everybody for coming.  We hope everyone has a wonderful semester!

Sophie & Justin