Loving Hut (By Akira Horiguchi)

“Akira’s vegan adventures” is a blog series that chronicles experiences at vegan-friendly or vegan-exclusive food vendors. If the vegan scene in Columbus is popping, imagine how the general food scene is.
My friend and I had been trying to go together to Loving Hut for almost two years now. The first time around, we got there just to see a “closed until XX, XX, 2018” sign. We kept making dates to go, but whenever the day would come around, one of us would get sick. But finally, after two years, we made it.
The decor is super zen. You walk in and immediately feel calm. The owner greets you, takes your order, and serves you. She just radiates with enlightenment and you feel like you (yes, you!) can also achieve enlightenment, even for just an hour.
The menu is entirely vegan and covers mainly cuisine from various Asian cultures. I am normally skeptical of “Asian” restaurants (because Asia is obviously a country), but they did a great job on everything we ordered.
My friend and I decided to splurge, so we got tea and a strawberry and banana smoothie for drinks, Saigon rolls and Golden Nuggets as our appetizers, and pho and mac and cheese as our entrees. For dessert, we shared a slice of strawberry shortcake.

Admittedly, Loving Hut is a bit of a trek by Columbus standards. By car, it’s 20 minutes away. But it’s worth it!

Highlights of Columbus

In this post, some students describe their favorite places in Columbus, enjoy!

Anna Seffernick (3rd Year PhD Biostatistics):

The Olentangy trail is great for biking, walking, and running, and has several entrances near campus. My friends and I like to meet for long runs here on the weekends. If you want to get off the pavement, there are also several metro parks within a short drive of campus. (Photo Credit: https://www.columbus.gov/recreationandparks/trails/Olentangy-Trail/)

Danaye Nixon (1st Year MS Statistics)

I am a member of the Third Hand Bike Co-op, which is about a 20 minute bike ride or 10 minute drive from campus. You can become a member by volunteering, which earns some great discounts on a bike each year and new/used parts. Other members will teach you how to fix up bikes, so fear not if you do not know anything when you start. Whether or not you’re a member, you can still stop in to make a purchase! I like going to the Co-op because I can buy nice and affordable biking gear, and I can do some volunteering in the community as well!
James Matuk (4th Year PhD Statistics)
North Market is one of my favorite places in Columbus to visit.  The market has quite a few restaurants that operate like food trucks,  bakeries, and Columbus staples (Stauf’s Coffee, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Hot Chicken Takeover) all under one roof. I enjoy the bustling atmosphere and the fact that each visit can be a unique experience since the restaurants offer food from diverse cuisines.
Julia Mejia (2nd Year MAS Statistics)
One of my favorite things about Columbus is the metro parks. They all have great trails for hiking and some have interesting nature centers to check out. They also host a Winter Hike Series, which is a great way to get outside in the cold of winter and enjoy some free food!
Meredith McCormack-Mager (3rd Year PhD Biostatistics)
I spend every Sunday afternoon studying with classmates at Short North Coffee House. The homemade chai and grilled cheese sandwiches on naan are delicious and the family-run shop rotates an ecclectic collection of paintings by local artists. Above is my fellow student Anna’s favorite drink: italian soda with raspberry and lavender.
Nikki Schnitzler (3rd Year PhD Statistics)
One of my favorite places in Columbus is a donut shop called Buckeye Donuts. It is on High Street, about a five minute walk from Cockins Hall. They have amazing donuts and coffee plus a variety of food options. At least once a week, a group of us will walk over for a mid afternoon pick me up. Their red velvet donut with cream cheese frosting is my favorite, with their apple crisp donut taking a close second. You should definitely check them out when you get here!  (Photo Credit: https://buckeyedonuts.net/)
Vincent Geels (4th Year PhD Statistics)
One of my favorite parts about Columbus is the trail systems. I take advantage of the Olentangy Trail most days each week for running because of how close it is to where I live–it’s actually rare that I run anywhere else, unless I’m out of town or am planning to run on a different trail. Taking it south leads past OSU’s campus down toward the Scioto Mile, whereas taking it north leads me through quiet neighborhoods, past the Columbus Park of Roses, and up a beautiful wooded path on the way to Worthington. (Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57909640)

Eden Burger (by Akira Horiguchi)

“Akira’s vegan adventures” is a blog series that chronicles experiences at vegan-friendly or vegan-exclusive food vendors. If the vegan scene in Columbus is popping, imagine how the general food scene is.
On my walk home from campus, I decided to stop by Eden Burger for a quick dinner. Eden Burger is a burger joint with only vegetarian and/or vegan options. It’s quite small, but they use their space very well.
They offer many options, but I went with the crispy chicken sandwich with onion rings. I knew I made the right choice when the cashier said the sandwich was her favorite (yay!).

For posterity’s sake, the Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich has been all the rage lately. Many people have waited in line for one, just for them to run out of the sandwiches. But why risk standing in line for nothing when you can be *guaranteed* (almost surely? 1 – epsilon probability? something like that…) to get a beautiful and tasty crispy chicken sandwich at Eden Burger?