Loving Hut (By Akira Horiguchi)

“Akira’s vegan adventures” is a blog series that chronicles experiences at vegan-friendly or vegan-exclusive food vendors. If the vegan scene in Columbus is popping, imagine how the general food scene is.
My friend and I had been trying to go together to Loving Hut for almost two years now. The first time around, we got there just to see a “closed until XX, XX, 2018” sign. We kept making dates to go, but whenever the day would come around, one of us would get sick. But finally, after two years, we made it.
The decor is super zen. You walk in and immediately feel calm. The owner greets you, takes your order, and serves you. She just radiates with enlightenment and you feel like you (yes, you!) can also achieve enlightenment, even for just an hour.
The menu is entirely vegan and covers mainly cuisine from various Asian cultures. I am normally skeptical of “Asian” restaurants (because Asia is obviously a country), but they did a great job on everything we ordered.
My friend and I decided to splurge, so we got tea and a strawberry and banana smoothie for drinks, Saigon rolls and Golden Nuggets as our appetizers, and pho and mac and cheese as our entrees. For dessert, we shared a slice of strawberry shortcake.

Admittedly, Loving Hut is a bit of a trek by Columbus standards. By car, it’s 20 minutes away. But it’s worth it!

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