Eden Burger (by Akira Horiguchi)

“Akira’s vegan adventures” is a blog series that chronicles experiences at vegan-friendly or vegan-exclusive food vendors. If the vegan scene in Columbus is popping, imagine how the general food scene is.
On my walk home from campus, I decided to stop by Eden Burger for a quick dinner. Eden Burger is a burger joint with only vegetarian and/or vegan options. It’s quite small, but they use their space very well.
They offer many options, but I went with the crispy chicken sandwich with onion rings. I knew I made the right choice when the cashier said the sandwich was her favorite (yay!).

For posterity’s sake, the Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich has been all the rage lately. Many people have waited in line for one, just for them to run out of the sandwiches. But why risk standing in line for nothing when you can be *guaranteed* (almost surely? 1 – epsilon probability? something like that…) to get a beautiful and tasty crispy chicken sandwich at Eden Burger?