Woodhouse Vegan Cafe + Space (by Akira Horiguchi)

“Akira’s vegan adventures” is a blog series that chronicles experiences at vegan-friendly or vegan-exclusive food vendors. If the vegan scene in Columbus is popping, imagine how the general food scene is.

Just a few months ago did Woodhouse move from a pop-up stand to having their own restaurant space. I finally got the chance to walk over there (can also easily bus from campus) to see what they were all about.

Their menu lists only vegan options. I wondered how items like OG Loaded Nachos, West African Peanut Stew, Grilled Cheese, and Biscotti Nutella Pudding would be made vegan. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

My friend and I feasted on basically half of their menu options (which rotate quite frequently). We started with the nachos, which were definitely loaded.