STAT Student Life in CBUS: Soccer

Starting from this particular piece, we will exhibit students’ extracurricular life in Columbus here via the departmental student blog. If you wish to make a contribution and show your life outside the academic settings to others, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or Zaynab (

Look forward to emails from many of you!

We initiate from contributions from Achal and Min Ho. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

Achal’s comes first: 

My name is Achal Awasthi, and I am in the MAS program in the department. I play amateur soccer for a club called AUFC that plays in the Columbus Premier Soccer League. We play each Sunday at Easton Soccer Fields, Columbus. It’s the most professional amateur soccer league in the state of Ohio.


Below is a contribution from Min Ho Cho: 

Hi everyone! I am Min Ho Cho, a third-year Ph.D. student in Statistics.

Today, I wish to introduce my favorite sport, soccer. Because I have been playing soccer since I was very young, I cannot even imagine my life without this sport. I have also continued to play soccer in Columbus, Ohio as soon as I arrived here in summer 2015. I play every Saturday morning usually in the Lincoln field or some parks near campus, but sometimes in the Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) when it rains or snows. I am a defensive midfielder on my team, Korean Student Soccer Club (KSSC) at OSU.

On November 4th Saturday, we joined the competition called 2017 Korean Buckeye Tournament. Among many Korean teams of big universities near OSU such as UM, MSU, Purdue U, IU, and CWRU, our team got the 4th place. Even though we did not win the champion, every member did our best and played so hard. Especially when we won a come-from-behind victory in only a few minutes left in the last game, everyone including coaches and managers ran into the field and became one team! It was such a drama and I will never forget the moment.

Besides soccer, I also like to play baseball, basketball and other sports. Last year, some faculty members and students used to play pickup soccer and basketball in the ARC. If there is a chance to do again, I would love to join you! Thank you all and have a good time to study and enjoy our healthy life here at OSU!

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