OSU students finalists for Capital One modeling competition

A big congratulations go out to Xin Huang, Andrew Landgraf, Liubo Li, Ran Wei, and Srinath Sampath (all OSU graduate students) and their faculty advisors Dr. Goel and Dr. Holloman, as they have qualified for the finals of the 2013 Capital One modeling competition!

In its second year, the modeling competition was expanded this year to include eleven schools. The competition was opened to teams of students at these universities working on a graduate degree in analytics, and the teams were given a real world business problem from the financial services industry to test their modeling skills.

Our OSU team will head for McLean, VA on November 21 and 22 to compete in the finals. Hopefully we can hear some more about the project after the finals…

Best of luck to our students!

Mark and Staci

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