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On September 26, the department’s usual seminar time was handed over to the students for a poster session. The session featured the research of twenty Statistics and Biostatistics graduate students, and presented a great opportunity for other students and faculty in the department to get a taste of what the senior students are working on. A well-attended affair by faculty and students alike, the poster session was a smash hit! Thanks to the organizers for putting this event together, and for all the students who presented their exciting research. Below are some pictures from the event; see the bottom for a list of the presenters and their research topics.

The presenters are as follows:

Robert Ashmead – “Causal Inference using Propensity Score Methods with Complex Survey Data”

Tayler Blake – “Nonparametric Covariance Estimation via Cholesky Decomposition with Shrinkage Toward Stationary Autoregressive Models”

Casey Davis – “Bayesian Analysis of Nonstationary Composite Gaussian Process Models”

Kevin Donges – “A Simulation Study of the Effect of Study Duration on Modeling Environmental Risk of Cancer”

Alice Hinton – “A Discriminant Function for Renal Inflammatory Activity Associated with Lupus Nephritis”

Yanan Jia – “Bilinear Mixed Effects Models for Affiliation Networks”

Andrew Landgraf – “Logistic PCA and its Applications to Electronic Health Record Data Mining”

John Lewis – “Bayesian Inference via the Blended Paradigm”

Zhiyu Liang – “On the Effect of Centering Kernels in Kernel PCA”

Andrew Olsen – “Independent Approximate Draws from High-Dimensional Intractable Distributions”

Mark Risser – “A Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Regression Model”

Srinath Sampath – “How Stable Are Top Choices Over Time? An Investigation into Preferences Among Popular Baby Names in the United States”

Grant Schneider– “An Importance Sampling Approach for Exploring Likelihoods of Stochastic Differential Equations”

Jingjing Yan – “Can Control Group Log Odds be Conditioned Out?”

Jiangyong Yin – “Regularized Portfolio Optimization Using Constrained Hierarchical Bayes Models”

Staci White – “Quantifying Model Error in Posterior Distributions”

Shuang Xia – “Detecting Gene-Environment Interaction using Logistic Bayesian Lasso and using B-Splines and LBL for Longitudinal Data”

Zhiguang Xu – “Modeling Non-Gaussian Time Series Using Nonparametric Bayesian Method”

Fangyuan Zhang – “Asymptotic Properties of Partial Likelihood Inference for Imprinting and Maternal Effects”

Wenjun Zheng– “Parametric Wavelet Whittle-based Estimation for Time Series Modeling”

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  1. Nancy — I don’t believe the presentations are online, but I’ll track Srinath down and maybe he can shed some light on your question!

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