Previous (2016)

Date Lecturer Title Paper Comment
5/18/2016 Desmond Yin Exploring the many-body localization transition in two dimensions link link
5/25/2016 Noah Charles Quantum spin Hall effect of light link
6/1/2016 Sara Mueller Rewritable artificial magnetic charge ice link Room 1080
6/8/2016 Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho Realization of majorana fermions and anyons with cold atom magic N/A
6/15/2016 Alex Davis Electron viscosity, current vortices and negative nonlocal resistance in graphene link
6/22/2016 Tamaghna Hazra BCS-BEC crossover in a high temperature superconductor link
6/29/2016 No talk
7/6/2016 Yehuda Dinaii How many quasiparticles can be in a superconductor? link
7/13/2016 Roland Kawakami Magnon Hall Effect and Topological Magnon Insulators linklink
7/20/2016 Catherine Wu Majorana zero mode detected with spin selective Andreev reflection in the vortex of a topological superconductor link 11am
7/27/2016 Grady Gambrel Structural and Electronic Properties of Germanene on MoS2 link
8/3/2016 Beth Bushong The valley Hall effect in MoS2 transistors link
8/10/2016 No talk
8/17/2016 No talk
8/24/2016 Hasan Khan Measuring entanglement entropy in a quantum many-body system link
8/31/2016 Yuan-Ming Lu When do crystalline insulators exhibit quantized Hall effects?
9/7/2016 Fuyan Lu Floquet Time Crystals link Room 1136
9/14/2016 James Rowland State preservation by repetitive error detection in a superconducting quantum circuit link
9/21/2016 Tim McCormick Experimental Signatures of Weyl Fermions link 1  link 2
9/28/2016 No talk
10/5/2016 Mohit Randeria Fermions coupled to Ising gauge fields: Symmetry breaking, confinement and emergent Dirac excitations link
10/12/2016 No talk
10/26/2016 Chris Svoboda Chiral Spin-Orbital Liquids with Nodal Lines link
11/2/2016 Bowen Shi The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) Model link 1  link 2  link 3  link 4
11/9/2016 Peiyuan Teng Symmetric Satellite Swarms and Choreographic Crystals link
11/16/2016 Cheng Li Observation of a non-Abelian Yang Monopole: From New Chern Numbers to a Topological Transition link
11/23/2016 No talk
11/30/2016 Carola Purser Control and Local Measurement of the Spin Chemical Potential in a Magnetic Insulator link