The goal of the Condensed Matter Journal Club is three-fold:
1. To keep us updated in the latest research
2. To give everyone the opportunity to practice presentation skills
3. To let people communicate, discuss ideas, and initiate collaborations

Each member of the Journal Club is expected to present a paper. We hope that the load will be between 1-2 presentations per year. The chosen paper should be either exciting and recent (at most 6 months from its debut on the arXiv) or a milestone. The presentation should last 45 minutes + 15 minutes for questions. The beginning of the talk should include relevant background that will focus the audience on the presented subject. Note that if you choose a paper which has been published only on the arXiv, you have to be sure that it is a serious paper, since it has not been peer-reviewed. If you are not sure which paper to choose, you can consult your supervisor or the organizers.

Faculty members that are willing to participate are requested to present an overview of their research field — what are the open questions, what has already been done, and so on.